No. We do not provide legal counsel. If you require legal assistance with an immigration matter, we recommend you contact an immigration attorney. Our expertise lies in the areas of Credential (Academic & Work Experience) Evaluations & Expert Opinions towards E-2, E-3, EB-1A/C, EB-2A/B, EB-2C NIW, H-1B, I-140, L-1A/B, O-1, and TN petitions. Our faculty experts also provide an in-depth analysis to address the USCIS RFEs on CPT/OPT maintenance of status, LCA Wage Level determination, Alternate Wage Source queries & Business Necessity letters to address PERM audits triggered by the Department of Labor.

You may either submit your request on our secured “Request an Evaluation” portal (https://www.carnegieevaluations.com/request.php), choose the service and upload the documents or contact our intake team via email at eval@carnegieevaluations.com. You will be assigned a unique number for your case, which will be referred on all future correspondence. Our intake team will process your request in the order its received and provide you with a preliminary unbiased opinion at no charge. If we need additional documentary evidence prior to providing our preliminary opinion, we will email you with the list of documents required. If you are in consensus with our preliminary opinion, we will seek a confirmation to proceed with the case. Upon confirmation to proceed, we assign a CE number associated with an appropriate faculty expert. At the same time our accounts department will send you the invoice with a payment link to the secured payment portal and seek a proof of payment. Payment can be made either via e-check or credit card, referring to the CE number assigned in the invoice. Upon receipt of payment proof, our evaluation team will move the case to the expert. We will deliver the completed evaluation within the committed time frame in pdf format along with the evaluator’s credentials and authority.

No. For documents that are in a foreign language, our evaluators require certified English translations. We work with third party translation providers and upon request we facilitate the translation quotes and services through them as a courtesy.

No, our evaluators require only clear copies of the original documents. For documents that are in a foreign language, our evaluators require English translations.

You can find the document checklist required for specific service at https://carnegieevaluations.com/document-checklist/ Additionally you can email us at eval@carnegieevaluations.com.

While submitting a request on our portal, you will be prompted to upload relevant documents. At times, there is a possibility that all your documents might not get uploaded due to either file size or special characters in the file name. Don’t worry. As soon as you submit the request, you will get an email with a unique case number and the summary of the submission details. If you find any document didn’t upload, you can reply to that email and attach the missing documents. Alternatively, if the file size is large and the number of documents is more, you can reply to the email by providing a drop box access to carnegieevaluations@gmail.com.

No. Carnegie Evaluations’ evaluators perform a document-by-document evaluation by reviewing and analyzing the foreign national’s educational academic Diploma(s) and transcripts of all years of study to determine the equivalent U.S. degree considering factors such as (a) accreditation of the foreign institution/educational program, (b) duration (in years) of study, (c) prerequisite education for the program, and (d) field of specialization (based on coursework). We follow AACRAO EDGE database (American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers – The Electronic Database for Global Education) credential recommendations in arriving at the U.S equivalency. For documents that are in a foreign language, our evaluators require certified English translations.

If you expect a certain outcome for your evaluation, please let us know while requesting a service. We can let you know if we cannot meet the equivalency based on your qualifications and documentary evidence. This is especially important if you expect a Master’s degree equivalency. There are many international qualifications that are master’s-level credentials within the respective countries, but our evaluator may only be able to issue a bachelor’s equivalency in certain cases to abide by USCIS adjudication standards. If you do not let us know your expectation, and our evaluator issues an evaluation that is in consensus with USCIS adjudication standards, but you were expecting a different outcome, we cannot provide a refund.


Here are some Scenarios:
  • A foreign national with 4 years of Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from overseas can seek a U.S equivalency into Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering.
  • A foreign national with 3 years of Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science overseas can only seek a U.S equivalency into Associates Degree in Computer Science.
  • A foreign national with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science overseas can seek a U.S equivalency of Master’s Degree in Computer Science, provided the person has completed 6 years of formal education upon completing 12 years of schooling.
  • A foreign national with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science overseas can only seek a U.S equivalency into Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science if the beneficiary has completed the integrated Master’s program in 5 years upon completing 12 years of schooling.


No. Our evaluators need the copy of the foreign degree as well as transcripts of all the semesters/years to determine the equivalency which can be arrived at.

The resume should contain the names of your past and present employers, position titles, dates of employment (month & year), and a list of the specific job duties performed in each position held. Please make sure the resume is organized based on your actual employers and not by the clients/projects you worked on.

Resume is a self-statement and cannot be considered for work evaluation without supporting documentation attesting to the facts stated on the resume. In the absence of any experience letter issued by the employer, our evaluators consider secondary evidence to attest to the employment such as notarized affidavits from past superiors and/or coworkers detailing the job duties performed by you during the engagement and relieving letters along with the resume.

Please refer to https://carnegieevaluations.com/service/work-experience-evaluation/ for explanation on how disparate field of education and work experience is considered by our faculty experts to arrive at an equivalency as per the USCIS adjudication practices.

Please refer to https://carnegieevaluations.com/service/work-experience-evaluation/ for explanation on how work experience is considered by our faculty experts to arrive at an equivalency as per the USCIS adjudication practices.

We provide faculty expert’s authorization letter with each evaluation, where a work evaluation is requested.

We do offer an optional service (at an additional cost and timeline) of having the faculty expert interact with the employer (virtual site visit) and the beneficiary and having the expert include the insights from the interaction into the report.

Our faculty experts endorse the beneficiary’s suitability in their opinion based on an academic evaluation or academic and work evaluation on record or by the beneficiary’s education course mapping document to the proffered position’s job duties.

Our experts consider the credential evaluation obtained elsewhere. However, USCIS doesn’t accept a credential evaluation performed by an evaluation agency in house, where progressive work experience is evaluated to arrive at the equivalency. USCIS only considers a work evaluation by a faculty expert who has authority to grant college-level credits towards life-experience. Such type of evaluation also needs to be from a faculty expert in the specialty for which the equivalency is granted.

Since the expert opinion is provided by a faculty expert in a specific specialty, our faculty experts do not consider disparate degree prerequisites to endorse the beneficiary for a proffered position if the degree prerequisites are not closely related. In the event of closely related degree/qualification prerequisites, our experts offer an optional service of additional research and customization to establish the close relatedness of such disciplines/prerequisites.

Upon request, if possible, at an additional fee, we request our faculty experts to provide additional research and customization to strengthen the arguments to address a specific query.

We do offer rush services for certain types of services. For honoring rush next day service requests, we must get all documentation and confirmation to proceed by 4 PM EST. We also offer rush same day requests in certain situations, provided, we have a faculty expert available to attend to the case. We recommend you check with us for such requests on a case-to-case basis.

We accept payments via check, e-check or credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express. Our accounts team provide a secured payment link to remit the payment online. We require payment upon receipt of the invoice to proceed with the service.

For standard delivery, any cancellation request will only be honored if such a request is received within 1 business day of receiving the confirmation to proceed for a full refund. After 1 business day of receiving the confirmation to proceed, any cancellation request will be subject to a 50% fee of the invoiced amount. Any cancellation requests for rush delivery evaluation reports will only be honored for a full refund if such a request is received within 2 hours of receiving confirmation to proceed. Any refund request needs to be initiated through email at accounts@carnegieevaluations.com. Please allow 6-10 business days to process the refund requests. Once the evaluation report has been delivered, no cancellation request will be honored.

Any requests for revision upon delivery of the evaluation report will be honored free of charge if such a request is made within 5 business days of delivery. Revision requests that involve scrutiny of additional evidence or new documentation will be subject to an additional fee. Any errors or typos brought to our attention will be addressed immediately at no charge.

Every case is unique and will be assigned to a different faculty expert. Since we got to honor our commitments to our experts, unfortunately we can’t offer any discount in the event of multiple requests for the same case.

No. Our faculty experts provide the reports in PDF format ONLY.

We work with thousands of clients and immigration law firms across the country. To protect the confidentiality and integrity of our clients, we cannot disclose the details. However, you can find about our services by reviewing many complimentary Google reviews and testimonials provided by some of our valued clients.

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