Document Checklist


A. Academic Evaluation

  • Copies of Degree/Diploma Certificates, Transcripts, Postgraduate Degree/s.
  • Certified English Translations if academic documents are in a foreign language

B. Work Experience Evaluation

  • Experience letters from current and previous employers, specifying periods of employment, job titles held, and job duties performed.
  • Detailed employer-based resume specifying job titles held, names of employers, duration of employment(month/year), and job duties performed.

C. Academic & Work Experience Evaluation

  • Documentation listed under A & B.

D. Specialty Occupation Expert Opinion

  • Petitioner’s Support Letter.
  • RFE, if any.
  • Labor Condition Application (LCA) for the position.
  • Detailed job duties the beneficiary will be performing in the proffered position.
  • Academic documents of the beneficiary.

E. Specialty Occupation Expert Opinion with Academic Evaluation

  • Documentation listed under sections A & D.

F. Specialty Occupation Expert Opinion with Academic & Work Experience Evaluation

  • Documentation listed under sections A, B, & D.

G. Expert Opinion for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) RFEs

  • RFE, if any.
  • Transcripts of the academic program & the Diploma if the course has already been completed.
  • Description of the coursework & official university website link listing the course details.
  • Job duties of the position the beneficiary performed as part of CPT.
  • A brief note on the CPT employer.

H. Expert Opinion for Alternate Wage Survey Analysis

  • RFE, if any.
  • Alternate Wage Survey details of the position.
  • Petitioner Support Letter.
  • Job Duties for the position.

I. Expert Opinion for E-2 Treaty Employee

  • The employer support letter describing the job duties of the present position.
  • If Supervisory role, details of personnel being supervised
  • If Special Skills, explain how essential the function is.
  • Employment verification letters of the beneficiary.
  • Academic Documents of the beneficiary.
  • Updated Resume.

J. PERM Business Necessity

  • PERM Audit Notice.
  • A copy of the Application for Permanent Employment Certification.
  • Expanded list of job duties.
  • Information of the Petitioning Company.
  • Education Documents.

K. Specialized Knowledge Letter (For L-1B)

  • RFE, if any.
  • Employer support letters from the U.S & foreign entities.
  • Brief note on the affiliate relationship between the U.S & foreign entities.
  • Expanded list of the job duties of the position in the U.S & in the foreign entity.
  • Organizational charts showing the candidate’s corporate hierarchy standing in the U.S & foreign entity.
  • Organizational charts showing the candidate’s corporate hierarchy standing in the U.S & foreign entity.
  • Educational documents of the beneficiary.
  • Any internal training records the candidate has with the company.
  • Information on the proprietary/specialized knowledge beneficiary gained at the foreign entity.
  • Updated Resume.

L. Extra Ordinary Ability Letter (For O1/EB-1A)

  • The employer’s support letter describing which of atleast three evidentiary criteria the candidate fulfills.
  • Any pertinent exhibits that support the claims of the letter regarding the candidate’s Extraordinary Ability. M. Managerial/Executive Capacity Letter (For L-1A/ EB-1C)
  • Documentation listed under Section K.
  • Names, designations, education & job duties of the personnel managed by the beneficiary in the U.S & the foreign entity.

M. EB-2 NIW Expert Opinion

  • Professional Plan/Business Plan Document.
  • All documents related to training.
  • Employment letters for Advanced degree discussion; if ‘Exceptional Ability’, information on the 3 minimum USCIS criteria that the beneficiary seeks to fulfill and all supporting documents backing the claims.
  • Education Documents.
  • Letters of Recommendation.
  • Other Supporting Documents.
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