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Who can help me with a letter of recommendation (expert opinion letter) for EB-2 NIW application?

Headquartered in New Jersey, Carnegie Evaluations (www.carnegieevaluations.com) has been the trusted partner for the U.S business immigration community and is known for case winning expert opinions or letters of recommendations for EB-2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) petitions. Carnegie Evaluations’ panel of experts include industry experienced faculty experts from highly reputable Universities across the U.S who are also active members of relevant industry/professional associations.  We have retained a myriad of experts in hundreds of disciplines (specialties). Our panel of experts stay abreast with the USCIS adjudication trends, and our experts’ opinions are highly researched and customized to meet the specific endeavor of the beneficiary and recommended on the quality and the level of details by several legal practitioners and customers alike.  Carnegie Evaluations has a well- earned reputation for Quality and Quick turnaround and handling some of the most challenging USCIS RFEs as attested by our clients in over 500 Google reviews.

This letter of recommendation or expert opinion letter is an integral component of an EB-2 NIW petition. Since the USCIS adjudicating officers are rarely experts in the field of applicant’s endeavor, USCIS always adjudicates the petition based on objective evidence submitted. Since expert opinion letter is the cornerstone of EB-2 NIW petitions, it’s always recommended to include minimum 5-7 such letters of recommendation or expert opinions, preferably from recognized faculty experts to attest to the accomplishments of the beneficiary on his or her field of endeavor. bly worded expert opinions or letters of recommendation from independent distinguished experts can provide specific insight into the beneficiary’s achievements and contributions in the field which can determine the outcome of a case.

Since USCIS adjudicating officer considers the objective evidence submitted it’s important to include as many experts’ opinions as possible to attest to the 3 prongs of Matter of Dhanasar- the beneficiary’s proposed endeavor has both substantial merit and national importance, the beneficiary is well positioned to advance in the proposed endeavor and on balance beneficial to the U.S to waive the job offer and thereby labor certification.


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