Joao Mendes, Esq.

By far one of the best evaluation companies in the market. The staff is extremely qualified and provides high quality evaluations with impressive turnaround times. I have used this company for academic evaluations as well as expert opinion letters and can attest to the quality of the work provided. For expert opinion letters, Carnegie works with experienced professors from the best universities in the country, helping us put togethereven stronger immigration petitions. The support staff is quick to resolve any issues and answer all questions. I highly recommend this company

Giancarlo Lisciani, Esq.

Excellent service. Always responsive, they work quickly, and always provide quality service. Would highly recommend them for all evaluation needs.

Vanessa P Barcelona, Esq.

They are efficient, responsive, ethical, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Carnegie!

Manal Khan, Esq.

I have been ordering EOLs for complex RFEs for our firm’s immigration cases from them since a while now and I am really satisfied with their service. They are always willing to accommodate my requests.

Iva K. Todorova, Esq.

We have used Carnegie services for H1Bs and L1A expert opinion letters, and we are extremely happy with their services and customer service! They are the only evaluation company that would respond to our inquiries within no time of posing the questions; they are honest and have always accommodated our needs even in rush times. Dealing with anyone within the company is a pleasure! The experts they use are highly qualified, which leads to expert opinion letters that are extremely detailed and very well written! The quality is high! The results are only positive when using Carnegie Evaluations services!

Mikalai Hroshau, Esq.

I am an attorney and I used Carnegie Evaluations for one of my O-1 Visa client. During the whole process, Carnegie staff was very helpful, professional and timely respond to all my questions and inquiries. The expert opinion that they facilitated for my client was perfect. My client’s O1 Visas was approved. I would recommend Carnegie to other legal practitioners.

Andreea Radulescu, Esq.

The Carnegie team is a pleasure to work with and is always attentive. They have consistently provided quality and thorough expert opinion letters for our firm’s clients and have never failed to deliver on time.

Sweekrutha Shankar, Esq.

Carnegie Evaluations is my first choice for subject matter expertise, responsiveness, and dependability.

Andrew Grosjean, Esq.

We had a RFE come to us from a petition that we did not file. There were a number of problems from the filing because it was prepared by a non-professional. We estimated a 10% chance of approval. There was an academic evaluation already submitted but not accepted by USCIS. So, we ordered an Evaluation/Expert Opinion with Carnegie. We had a University Professor interview the FN and the employer as part of the evaluation. The USCIS quickly returned a full three year approval.

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