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Academic Evaluation/ Education Evaluation

An Academic or Education Evaluation is required by the USCIS for immigration purposes to ensure the foreign national’s Degree(s)/Diploma(s) is equivalent to a U.S. baccalaureate (Bachelor’s) or higher degree. Carnegie Evaluations’ evaluators perform a document-by-document evaluation by reviewing and analyzing the foreign national’s educational academic Diploma(s) and transcripts of all years of study to determine the equivalent U.S. degree considering factors such as (a) accreditation of the foreign institution/educational program, (b) duration (in years) of study, (c) prerequisite education for the program, and (d) field of specialization (based on coursework). We follow AACRAO EDGE database (American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers – The Electronic Database for Global Education) credential recommendations in arriving at the U.S equivalency. For documents that are in a foreign language, our evaluators require English translations.

The USCIS issues an RFE (Request for additional Evidence) in the absence of such an evaluation seeking to prove the beneficiary’s qualification for the proffered position.

Document Checklist

  • Copies of Degree/Diploma Certificates, Transcripts, Postgraduate Degree/s.
  • Certified English Translations if academic documents are in a foreign language

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