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H-1B Expert Opinion Letter, Academic Evaluation & Work Experience Evaluation Combined

This service is an integrated expert opinion, which includes an academic & work evaluation  of the beneficiary along with the specialty occupation position evaluation. Such an integrated expert opinion will be provided by a faculty expert who is authorized to grant “college-level credits”/ “life experience credits” for work experience and/or training gained in the specialty. The expert will endorse the beneficiary’s suitability as well based on the outcome of the evaluation.

Document Checklist

  • Copies of Degree/Diploma Certificates, Transcripts, Postgraduate Degree/s.
  • Certified English Translations if academic documents are in a foreign language
  • Experience letters from current and previous employers, specifying periods of employment, job titles held, and job duties performed.
  • Detailed employer-based resume specifying job titles held, names of employers, duration of employment(month/year), and job duties performed.
  • Petitioner’s Support Letter.
  • RFE, if any.
  • Labor Condition Application (LCA) for the position.
  • Detailed job duties the beneficiary will be performing in the proffered position.
  • Academic documents of the beneficiary.

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