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Carnegie Evaluations, a U.S. based company, has operated independently to provide services in the authenticity, verification and evaluation of international experience and education. Ready to get started?

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Serving the world’s leading immigration law firms, Fortune 500 companies, mid-size companies and startups, Carnegie Evaluations provides academic evaluations, expert opinion letters, and work experience evaluations that command the industry’s highest acceptance rates. Our reputation for guaranteed on time delivery, quick turnaround times, competitive rates, verifiability of the reports, and authentic and personalized services make Carnegie the top choice for immigration lawyers, corporations, and individuals alike.

Carnegie Evaluations specializes in academic evaluations, work experience evaluations, and expert opinion letters for foreign nationals who are applying for immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Our evaluations are also used for furthering education and obtaining professional qualifications.

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Our reports are verifiable

What makes Carnegie’s Educational Credential and Expert Opinion reports special is that our reports are verifiable. We assign a unique code with every single report that we write.  This will allow our customers, the USCIS and other third parties who rely on our reports to verify the authenticity of the report. This verification process is proprietary to Carnegie Evaluations. The verifiability brings added advantage to our evaluations when submitted to the USCIS or other governmental agencies.

Professors from Reputable Universities

Work Evaluations and Expert Opinions of Carnegie Evaluations are provided using the university logo of the Professor who conducts the evaluation.  We are confident these evaluations on the university letterheads have more weightage towards its evidentiary value.  We have several professors retained by our company who are authorized by their department chair or their dean to give ‘life experience’ credits.  USCIS has made it clear in the past that only work experience evaluations from such professors are acceptable.

Legal experts on our advisory panel

Carnegie Evaluations have several immigration attorneys on our Advisory Panel who ensure our evaluations are tailored to get your H-1B Request for Evidence & Notice of Intent to Deny’s approved.  This also enables Carnegie Evaluations to adapt quickly to the changing laws and regulations in the immigration field.

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